Sunday, January 29, 2012


Started Korean classes Saturday (1/28). It will be a minor chore to get up at 750 every Saturday morning to get on the subway by 9 but whatever gets me up and out can't be bad.

Work is perfectly fine. I still feel like I'm a mediocre teacher but my boss says nothing but nice things to me so, great.

I'm debating whether to give my mom my vacation flight so she can come here or to keep it and go back to the US for 2 weeks. I want to go home but it will mean more to her to come back to Korea.

I'm losing all interest in fantasy sports since I've come to Korea... :(

I spent nearly $300 to get my xbox and PS3 (along w/ other stuff) sent here and I hardly ever touch either, except for Netflix or Uno on the Xbox...

blah blah blah...I'm running out of stuff so that's it for now...

Bed Head log: 1/29/2012