Saturday, August 14, 2010

just an update...

on the whole big life decision thing...plans are still moving forward. I'm submitting my passport forms on tuesday so I estimate I'll receive it just before the new year.

A development has occured which could delay the plans though. A management position has opened up at work, two actually. But only one is really open as an heir for one is already in the wings. I really could use the money bump and insurance...all that sweet, sweet, tasty insurance. I sure would be nice.And if I don't get it no loss. I'll just transfer to another store for the final months before I leave on my grand journey...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Obsession: Red Dead Redemption

I now have proof Roger Ebert was wrong about video games.

I finished Red Dead Redemption a couple of hrs ago. I actually teared up at one point. If you played the game, you can probably guess where.

This game moved me the same way American Beauty moved me. It was just powerful, raw, with an amazing story.

Rockstar made a powerful, yet edgy game. There's swearing, nudity, sex, and a whole lot of violence. But it's all tied in to a story worthy of the silver screen.

Video games are art. Not all are as artistic as some, but video games create an emotional response. Joy, anguish, saddness, rage. It's all there.

When I beat it and the credits began to scroll across the screen, i had to read all the names out of respect for what they all had a part in creating.

To use Ebert's definition of art : Red Dead Redemption meets it. I was left shaken, moved and saddened it was over.