Saturday, June 9, 2012

I think have a problem with Craigslist...

I have become shopping addicted to Craigslist...

The general nature of being and ESL teacher in South Korea is you're in for a year or two, then you go home.

This means people with a decent bit of disposable income buy a bunch of stuff. Then when they move, have to then sell that stuff they don't take back with them or chuck it...

Here's my present list of stuff bought (a won is about $0.85) :

  • electric water kettle 5000 won
  • 2 ps3 games 25000 won (Trivial Pursuit and Uncharted, seller asked for 20000 for both but I offered and extra 5000 if he'd meet me closer to Suwon)
  • toaster 10000 won and a router 15000 won
  • Wacom graphics tablet 30000 won 

The list of things I asked about and didn't get is even bigger
  • video game stuff
  • big ass shoes
  • medication (you can't get over the counter drugs here, and my nearest pharmacy closes at like 7pm, also no asprin) I'm also very glad I didn't get this...I would of been too paranoid to use any of it...
  • all in one printers

Cragslist has an Iphone app which I find myself using as much as Facebook or Twitter, if not more...

To friends and the stuff they leave behind...Craigslist - Seoul