Monday, November 6, 2017

It's been too long....

here's the deal

  1. my mom died in March
  2. I am jobless (i still technically work at Old Navy 1 day a month)
  3. i live with my 94 yr old ill healthed aunt
  4. her home has ants and spiders...and coyotes (outside, not inside)
  5. her kids act like it's 100% my responsibility to take care of her
  6. im running out of money and hope...

other things:

  1. I hate Donald Trump
  2. i want to buy a gun...namely a pistol...the end is near...maybe...probably...maybe

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hateful mood...

One night of the week I'm not required to do anything and I get bullcrap anyway...

You are my relative and my business partner.
I like you as my relative but i will tell you someting about your weakpoint related to our partnership.
1. i think your aren't interested in your class so your class is getting more and more boring.
2. Whenever I try to tell you someting about your problems. you are usually frown.
   That's why I always hesitate to tell you.
3. Sometimes you smell bad.
   I guess that's because of your clothes or not frequently washing.
   Our students feel the same.
4. After you read above, if you want to be willing to fix your attitude, I want contract with you.
   If not, It's better to stop working together at the end of June.
  Please write back ASAP.

 Anyway You are still my kind and helpful relative.

great...wonderful....go to hell

Thursday, January 8, 2015

OK...I'm still here lurking around...

Some things have changed...some haven't...

more details later when I have time...quick version

  • I got side work which helps the keeps me real busy and tired
  • I'm still in a job I don't like but I'm done with it in June
  • I still don't know Korean and it irks everyone...
  • I'm still a hermit, but I'm trying to stop
later nerds...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

there's this co-worker...

I really hate. The cunt ain't my boss. She's just a bitch. So much so I ended up calling her a bitch 2 weeks after meeting her. I apologized (several months later)...

but she still has this attitude like she is my boss. You ain't bitch...The rub is she is the only other English speaker here and I need her to translate.

I need to go to the post office in the morning as Fridays are "special days" not teaching it's about as painless a time there is to go do this shit...I ask the cunt if she would let the principle know i would be a little late (come around 10am). (and not really since i technically start work at 10 but have to be here at 930am). So she asks in a tone "why do you have to go to the post office?"...

"To mail something..." what do you mean why do i have to go to the post office? to get my rectum examined, why do you think...

you damn twat..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

i definitely won't make the 2nd year in this hell...

if ain't one thing, it's another...

  • never getting paid on time any more
  • manager never answers texts directly...a week later when i see him he will say he saw it but never an actual timely response...
  • yr 4 teachers who do nothing to keep any kind of discipline when i'm trying to teach...they just do their thing or sit there or leave...
  • too much douche minutiae in terms of paperwork for teaching Korean 4-7 years old...TONE IT DOWN !!!
  • bring back field trips...i'm tired of staying in every Friday with either a lame zoo day or hiking day or people should of done a better job of minding the pocket book way back when...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekly Banality Update 7-13-2014

a very technology unfriendly week.

-I had to replace my watch (40000 won)
-my fitbit died after 2 months (time and effort in shipping it to the fitbit place here in korea)
-my mouse on the laptop died and...(10000 won)
-I washed my digital camera in the laundry...(camera was used, cost me 60000 won, who knows what the next one will cost if I have to replace it)

yep...i  washed my digital camera in the laundry...did i mention i'm an adult...