Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hateful mood...

One night of the week I'm not required to do anything and I get bullcrap anyway...

You are my relative and my business partner.
I like you as my relative but i will tell you someting about your weakpoint related to our partnership.
1. i think your aren't interested in your class so your class is getting more and more boring.
2. Whenever I try to tell you someting about your problems. you are usually frown.
   That's why I always hesitate to tell you.
3. Sometimes you smell bad.
   I guess that's because of your clothes or not frequently washing.
   Our students feel the same.
4. After you read above, if you want to be willing to fix your attitude, I want contract with you.
   If not, It's better to stop working together at the end of June.
  Please write back ASAP.

 Anyway You are still my kind and helpful relative.

great...wonderful....go to hell

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